Category: Alaska Adventures

Fred’s Story

One person can make a difference and can multiply themselves a hundred fold, a thousand fold, or more.   My adventure started with a story I shared on the internet. Harvey lives in New Zealand. He read my Iditarod story and...

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The Black Wolf

The week raced toward Friday, the finish line. My dad, Turk Turinsky, and I would be flying to our cabin at Lake Clark. Really, it’s more than a cabin; it’s really a small house. It’s on the west side of Lake Clark’s Port...

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Rob’s Rescue: Two In Two weeks

Where is North? Rob would go flying for the same reason the bear goes over the mountain: to see what he can see. This past October, flying around the Susitna Valley, he would assist in the rescue of the pilot and passenger of a...

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Welcome to!

Welcome!  This is my personal blog where I will be blogging about my life experiences, including aviation, skiing, insurance, travel, retirement, Alaska, Marketing, Raising Kids and much much more. Check back often for more...

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